2 Oct 2014

Domino OSGI (Part 4) - Deploy a custom plugin to Domino Designer

In my previous post I walked through creating a simple layout control as an OSGI plugin.
The next step is to deploy the control to designer this is where the set up we did in part 2 comes in.

Inside eclipse then right click the plugin then go to Export
Select 'Deployable plug-ins and fragments' and click next.
Ensure your plug-in is ticked then set the destination as 'Directory' and set that to be your newly created plugin directory, finally click finish.

Your plugin should now be available inside Domino Designer.
Inside Designer create a new XPage, now inside your controls palette you should see new category 'JMC Layout Controls'.

The category is based on what was set in the xsp-config file:
          <category>JMC Layout Controls</category> 

Just drag the control on to your XPage as you would any other control and hey presto:

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