11 Oct 2014

Quick Tip: Using working sets in Domino Designer and Eclipse

I use working sets in Domino Designer all the time otherwise the Application Navigator becomes unbearable.You can also use working sets in the Package Explorer but unfortunately as standard they are not linked to the working set selected in the Application Navigator. Brad Balassaitis has previously blogged how to configure the Package Explorer and Application Navigator to use the same working set: XPages Tip: Select a Working Set in Package Explorer (and Navigator)

As I transition into doing more Java work in Eclipse I decided to use working sets there too. By default the Package Explorer in Eclipse does not display your projects grouped by their working sets although you can add new and existing projects into them.
To display working sets in the package explorer click the 'View Menu' button in the top right, then select 'Top Level Elements' and 'Working Sets'

I also find it very useful that you can add a project to multiple working sets.

If like myself you use working sets heavily this post from Paul Withers on Restoring Domino Designer…Including Working Sets will be very useful.

Anybody have any useful tips when using Eclipse for XPages OSGI Development?

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